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Skirts – a style statement for very little cash!

on August 9, 2013

I have a lot of skirts – far more than dresses: mainly green and yellow for summer; brown, grey and black for winter.  They’re usually a bit frou-frou and flouncy, and on-the-knee.  My heart sank when I read somewhere that skirts were going down to mid-calf length – that seems a bit matronly to me.

Jess Cartner-Morley, no less, argues that to be fashionable we should be buying a ‘statement’ skirt.  At the bottom of her column, are four skirts: one for £47.00, Ok, that is about the price I found acceptable when I was working; one for £68, well, maybe; the third is for £128, er…..; and the fourth is £495, good grief!

My spend on a skirt is somewhat less.  In my home-town a skirt from a charity shop costs around £1.75, in a neighbouring town about £5.00 and in a nearby more prosperous (and quite fashionable) market town skirts come in at just under £10.

brown skirtLast Saturday I bought a brown double-layered Per Una skirt in tulle & rayon for only £3.80, which I will team up in the Autumn with a brown tweed jacket bought in March for just £8.99 – you can just get a glimpse of the back of the jacket at the end of Lorna’s film – and yes, the hemline of the skirt is mid-calf!

I’ve decided to customize the jacket with beads and bits of material, and there’s a brilliant article in this September’s Country Living* featuring Sarah Moore, who shows you how to do this, on practically an identical jacket!  My hair and skin suits the Autumnal colours of this combo, and I can’t wait for the weather and season to wear it.

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

 * Couldn’t find the link to the actual article but have given you the link to Sarah Moore’s website


3 responses to “Skirts – a style statement for very little cash!

  1. Susannah says:

    Really enjoying the blog Penny full of very useful tips and lovely reflections….keep them coming. Love the skirt. Problem with mid calf skirts is that they require some sort of heel and these days my ankles don’t do that very well.x

  2. Stephen Atkinson says:

    As a rather sartorially-challenged male in his middle sixties I admit to knowing little of fashion – despite working long ago as a young trainee journalist for the rag trade – but what a joy it is to see this celebration of style for seniors. My grateful and heartfelt respects to you wonderful ladies who still wield the power to turn heads just as many of you did in the Sixties!

  3. the frugal fashion shopper says:

    Thank you for your comment, Steve! It’s interesting though that you say that this is a celebration of style for seniors. Well, it is and it isn’t! Depends what you meant by seniors! There’s been quite a debate about this at the two conferences I went to and also in the Twittersphere – that older women have just as much right to like and wear the clothes admired by younger women and, moreover, feature in the fashion spreads of the high-end glossy magazines.

    So the blog is very much about being creative with what one wears and yes, finding a style that is not ageing. But, above all it’s actually about finding fun and fashionable clothes of any type, and, this is important, made for any age, that can be bought for next-to-nothing!

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