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This and that and a new skirt!

A short blog this week.  Here below is a colourful skirt acquired at the beginning of the week. I’d put away my summer skirts and bless my soul, the weather was relatively hot again, so couldn’t resist this bargain buy at £4.99.  The linen top, incidentally, was £3.50 and has a Farhi label, I wonder what it cost originally?

red top flowered skrt

By the way, I know you should never apologise for anything but, apologies for the same-old type of photo at the bottom of the blog.  The move got in the way, somewhat, of my learning curve.  I’m aiming to have different types of media on the blog and I also have ambitions to do street photography of  women (and men) wearing great outfits.

Also I read a comment recently on the importance of buying fewer but better quality clothes.  Yes, I know, one should.   But if finances are tight, you might end up having very few clothes in your wardrobe indeed.  And – it’s such fun searching for that bargain buy!

Next blog – coats!

That’s all for this week.

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

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Ageing with style and pizazz

Hi everyone, came back from a trip to a recording of Channel 4’s Fabulous Fashonistas, a documentary on 6 older women who dress with style and pizazz – did you see it?  Wow, so good to see Brits dressed up in a similar manner to the women I see on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog.  Invisible Woman, a Guardian fashion blogger, has written a good comment piece on it and I too have my thoughts!

With an average age of 80 plus these were women with flair and panache.  Ok, a couple of them were a trifle over the top in their dress, but did you note that one of  the women shopped in charity shops – yessss!!  And they were so creative. This is what I am interested in – I believe that the older you get the more creative you can become with clothes.  Did I wear frou-frou skirts when I was working?  No, I wore business suits and sensible skirts and tops.  And then, always, jeans for the weekend.  So, when you retire do you wear jeans all the time?  I did for a bit and then thought, now wait a minute, what else am I going to wear?  Hence, my drift towards the frothy skirt and sharp jacket.

By the way, I kind of regret my blog title frugal fashion shopper as fashion itself is ridiculous – see Hadley Freeman’s take on it.  No, what you want is a style, a style you are comfortable with, but a style over and above the ordinary, and I do mean that.   Personally, I am not going to blend in as I age!  And these women had style in buckets.  What I take away from the documentary is that I am going to be in my style (frothy skirts etc…) more often and not keep them in my wardrobe for best.

However, like Invisible Woman one thing in the documentary I was disappointed with was the reaction of the advertising agents, and Vogue, to one of the women (Bridget) and her aim to become a model.  (By the way, one of the 6 women, who is in her late eighties, is a model already.)  Bridget’s aim, though, is to campaign and draw attention to the lack of older women in glossy magazines.   One remark to her I found particularly grating, that advertisers, if they want older women at all, want ‘the granny in her slippers’.  Excuse me!  You watch out, is what I say to that.  I am part of the baby boomers demographic and we are going to be a lot more demanding than older people have been in the past – and I’m with Bridget, we need to campaign hard for a different approach, particularly in the world of advertising and the high-end glossies.  I’ll say more about this in another blog.

checked skirtIn the meantime, here is a skirt I pulled out of my wardrobe yesterday and wore around my town instead of jeans.  The skirt has three integral petticoats so puffs out at the hemline and was £6.99 at my local Oxfam!

With love


The frugal fashion shopper





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Five blogs to look forward to

Happily, I’ve made room for my Mac post-the-move.  But, people, I haven’t had the head space to finish the reflective piece I had in mind for this blog!  Instead, I’m writing about 5 blogs I aim to do.

1. I am very excited.  I am going to meet Ari Seth Cohen – well, along with another couple of hundred people, but nevertheless!  Ari, of course is the writer of the amazing Advanced Style blog that celebrates older women and if you haven’t been on the blog do have a look.  I’ll be meeting him in October at an evening reception on the first day of a 2-day event, Mirror Mirror: Representations and Reflections on age and ageing run by the university of the arts, London and the London College of Fashion.   I’ll be searching for an outfit.  Should it be outrageous (go look at some of the photos on his blog!) or coolly elegant?  Hmmm, not sure – will let you know about both the clothes and the event.

2. Another event I am attending in October, is a one-day symposium exploring ageing and dress run by the Royal College of Art and University of Kent.  Professor Julia Twigg will be speaking. She’s an academic I remember from my past life as a social policy researcher.  Then, she wrote about carers, her focus now is on women and ageing, and she’s publishing a book.  Recently I found an article by her on the representation of older women in a particular high-end glossy mag.  I was writing a reflective piece on that pre-the-move.   I’ll let you know about the symposium and finish the piece shortly.

3.  A blog I have on the back-burner is on coats.  I don’t know about you but I smell Autumn in the air….

4.  Eye-makeup and the older woman – my musings on the subject

5. And party-frocks.  How to look great and glam on next to nothing, oh yes!

red dress & black jacket

In the meantime, here’s a recent buy, another frothy skirt, bought for just £3.99, which I wear with leggings, plus a faux leather (Wallis) jacket bought some time ago for less than £10.00 – bit of a biker look, perhaps!

That’s all for now – will be back soon!

With love


The frugal fashion shopper

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