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Frocks for all ages

on December 16, 2013

There are some delicious, lip-smackingly, delectable party frocks out there. Vogue has a gallery of dresses, of which I totally want no. 3, the cerise Marc Jacobs one at an eye-watering £1710.   Or what about, no. 4, the Mary Katrantzou, at £2065 – so seriously lovely.  And note I’m featuring these expensive dresses as they make one stop, look and then search out something more reasonable at High Street, or even charity shop, prices.

Did you see that the no. 4 dress had volume?  Jess Cartner-Morley has written about wearing dresses that look more expensive than they really are, and one way is to buy clothes that have a deliberately large silhouette.  I do that by seeking out frothy layered skirts, which on me look great anytime, but particularly in the party season.

Here are some more reasonably priced party dresses in this link but for a type of dress that would make anyone look glamorous – and could be great fun – look no further than this video clip of some wonderful sparkly flapper dresses.

But don’t feel you can’t wear any of the above because of your age or your lack of a good pension.  Just because I can’t afford the Marc Jacob dress doesn’t mean I can’t wear something like it.  And Lauren Laverne has written recently that there is no such thing as wearing the wrong clothes. Above all, there is no mutton dressed as lamb – never ever say that.  I mean, the Fabulous Fashionistas did say you have to be sensible so you won’t wear teeny torn shorts (well, actually you could) but don’t worry you wear what you want and like.

black-sparkly-dress2Here is a frock I bought recently for just under £10.00.  And note that the dress has no sleeves and is strapless – not something a woman in her late 60s is meant to wear.  Well, good grief, my view is, wear it and rhubarb to convention!   I wore it to someone’s 70th birthday party and we danced the night away – we all had great time – and it was lovely to have the excuse to dress up.  Thank you for arranging that party, you know who you are!  And by the way, did you realize how on trend you were with your lovely lace form-fitting dress – here is Jess Cartner-Morley again talking about lace dresses as the classic frock for the party season.

That’s all for now  – I will do one final blog before the Christmas holidays on last-minute beauty buys and channeling Gloria Swanson!


Until then, love


The Frugal Fashion Shopper

6 responses to “Frocks for all ages

  1. Umi Sinha says:

    I’d like the Camilla and Marc one – very Audrey Hepburn-ish, though I’d never wear it. I do complete cover up! Have never been comfortable exposing a lot of flesh even when I was young and thin. But I agree everyone should wear what they like. I recall the woman on Trinny on Susannah who loved leopard skin prints and sequins and after they’d finished making her look elegant and soignée she said she preferred her own look and went back to it. Good for her!

  2. the frugal fashion shopper says:

    Hear, hear, re: Trinny & Susannah – they were so dictatorial! Yes, there are no rules apart from wearing clothes that you are comfortable with and suit you. And perhaps I was making a point because at the party I did wear a (black) bolero-type cardi a lot of the time – until I got somewhat overheated from the dancing! But what I’d like to say is, although you like to cover up if you find a dress or whatever and you really like it but it’s a bit more revealing than you’ve hitherto worn, there are ways to cover up: you can wear shawls, stoles, cardis, a bolero and so on. I really do believe in the maxim – go for it, we have nothing to lose!

  3. I love dress #5 in the Vogue gallery, although I don’t wear dresses except in summer. I loe this encouraging post that takes into account both age and budget. Thanks!

    • the frugal fashion shopper says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! We all had a great time at that 70th birthday party and it was so good to dress up. And the hostess looked wonderful. Yes, I do like to emphasise that we can look good on a tight budget and small pension. xx

  4. I meant “love,” of course!

  5. the frugal fashion shopper says:


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