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Film night outfit – May 2015

Did you notice that the “What I wore on film night” slot missed a month? We had a bit of a disaster in April. The projector failed just before the film was due to start – believe me, every film society’s nightmare scenario! All good now as the projector is sorted and we now have back-up equipment, plus we’re probably be in the larger Main Hall by the new season starting October. So despite that unfortunate breakdown (which was a bit devastating for us organisers, and must have been a tad annoying for our audience) I’m feeling really positive about it.

Because the Hillcrest Film Society is such a little gem. In May we showed The 110 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared.’ Very funny, everyone loved it, and apparently quite true to the book, which I haven’t read yet. And in June we’re back to showing the postponed film ‘Cycling with Moliere’. One of the joys of our film society is that the foreign films are, pretty nearly always, sell-outs, and even more wonderful, people are beginning to travel quite a distance (for the UK, that is) to come to film night.

Here’s what I wore for the May film.


It’s a beautifully embroidered Monsoon skirt bought for the slightly more expensive price of £10.50, with a matching top from the same charity shop (£5) put together with a bolero cardi that I’ve had for years.

We’re working on the new look blog, and there’ll be a Film Night page as well as the others I mentioned last time. I may even write the occasional film review – have been thinking about that for some time.

That’s all for now but take care, and if you’re just dropping by why not sign up to get my regular weekly posts? I value and appreciate every one of my readers – thank you so much for following me.

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A London trip

I was in London last week. It’s 50 years since I started nursing (yes, I am that old) and I was meeting up with around 30 of the April 1965 set. Gosh, I was young then in more ways than one. But it was great fun living in a nurses’ home in Chelsea.  Yes, we did have accommodation laid on for us in those days. And yes, I did walk down the King’s Road in a mini-skirt, but as I had a somewhat old-fashioned 50s childhood, I hadn’t the faintest idea what the 60s actually meant – until later that is, when I said, oh yes, I was there!

It was good to meet and share memories of a very significant time in our lives. And apart from a few we seemed quite a healthy lot except for the usual aches and pains and a fair amount of arthritis – all that physical work we did takes its toll on the body. Indeed some, unlike me, nursed throughout their career. Respect, is all I can say, as I didn’t continue.

The conversations we had touched on the changes that have occurred in the UK nursing profession.   And with one nursing friend, I had an interesting conversation on the pressures on our much-loved National Health Service.

I’m going to keep that discussion for my new look blog.  Because, I am actually going to change the platform.  I have talked about this before, but this time it is going to happen and yes, it is called a platform!  Instead of using where everything is done for you I’ll be using and through that I’ll be more in control, including having my own advertising.  There’ll be a page for the charity shop fashion, a page for health & wellbeing and, I think, a page for the hats. You don’t have to do anything, btw, but it is time to change.

And here’s what I wore up to the reunion.


It has a matching jacket.


I bought this 3-piece outfit from a charity shop (of course!).  It cost £12.99, which was a bit more than I like to pay, but justified, I think, as it was new and had an Italian label.

That’s all for now.

With love

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper


Charity shop shopping – it just makes sense

Every now and then I go out shopping for something that’s not second-hand. I’ve had quite an expensive month, what with going to a physio (my back is improving but it’s all about the morning exercises because I missed a couple of days and felt the consequences) and then my skin check at the Mole Clinic (nothing serious found this year – good).  But I worked out I could just about afford a new pair of Spring shoes, as I really have to stop wearing those black chunky boots now the sun is coming out here in the UK!

OK, I went to one of my favourite shoe shops, which stocks lots of foreign and unusual brands. But not one pair suited me, mostly because of my very thin feet. (Btw, the shoe shop in question wasn’t Schuh in Brighton – bet I could have found something there!)

So off I trotted down the High Street and somehow found myself in a couple of charity shops where I not only bought two pairs of shoes, that fitted beautifully, for the princely sum of £5 each, I also found a skirt and top for film night (which you’ll see shortly) plus a Spring jacket and skirt all for the slightly more expensive sum of £10 each.

And those six items, which included two pairs of shoes, came to less than I would’ve paid for the new shoes I was looking for. That really has sealed my determination never (or hardly ever) to buy new. It just makes such financial sense to buy in charity shops.

And while I’m talking about financial sense the latest edition of Vogue is full of extraordinarily expensive clothes – but why am I surprised? It is what it is. Anyway, I read it to see the trends and then adapt the look to my style and pocket.

How about this? Would you like a Tory Burch linen coat with a beautiful embellished leaf design on the front for £1,360? No? Well, here’s my take on it. A plain linen coat in exactly the same colour and style found recently for £4.99.


Apologies for looking a bit pale, that’s because I stepped away from the spotlight, says Mr Frugalfashionshopper.


Note that I’m wearing one of the new (£5) charity shop shoes and not my go-to black chunky boots that really are falling to pieces, yay!

That’s all for now but do tell me about any of your stylish finds.

With love

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper





Hatwalk 4 – May 2015

Hello again to the hat loving community across the world!  I’m joining in with another of Judith Boyd’s wonderful Hat Attack sessions – hi everyone!  Anyway, here’s a beauty I picked up in my local charity shop for a fiver – that’s £5 or just over 7 US dollars.


I love this hat but will have to think where I can wear it as it is rather dressy.


It’s possibly too dressy even for wearing in Brighton or London.


What do you think?  Should I wear it?  I think I’ll wait for a hot sunny day and see if I’ve got the courage to wear it out and about.


Because I really do believe that we shouldn’t keep lovely things in our wardrobe for best.

Until next month’s Hat Attack that’s all for now.

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper


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