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Is age just another number?

I’ve managed to pack a tiny capsule wardrobe!

on August 8, 2015

Regarding the tiny capsule wardrobe I mention in my last post. The one that I’m taking with me to the Faroe Islands. I found it really difficult to pack fewer clothes, but I think I’ve managed it.

I’ve a smaller suitcase than last time, and in it are far fewer clothes than last year – good. But yesterday I was 2 inches from the top and still had 4 dresses to pack – not so good. Maybe, I said to myself, I could take even less with me!!!

But I am taking this one, which I bought months ago.


You may hear from me while I’m away, as I’ll try to put a few pics on the blog, but wifi can be difficult to find. Yes, I know we should take a break from social media and everything else that goes with it, but me, I admit that I am online throughout the day, and I love it!

Btw, the four dresses went in to the suitcase, and I’ve not even had to strain to shut the suitcase.

Anyway, see ya later!

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper

6 responses to “I’ve managed to pack a tiny capsule wardrobe!

  1. Joan says:

    Have an amazing time! That dress will look stunning on you!

  2. maddy says:

    Travelling light is the way to go, love that dress! Hope you have a great trip.

  3. Margaret Nyand says:

    You know more about the Faroe Islands than do I. Looking at the location, I’d have expected far warmer clothes? But then, the journey is as good as the arrival perhaps…and you are dressing for the cruise. With four dresses, you are going to be striking, during social events. This dress is lovely. Have a wonderful time, Penny. Take a few photos?

  4. Rose echlin says:

    Have a lovely glamorous time, Penny

  5. Joy Lattin says:

    Love the dress, looks glam without being over the top. Love that it has a matching wrap as even I might be tempted to wear a sleeveless dress if I could cover up my batwing upper arms. Did you list what you packed on an earlier blog? I am the world worst packer – I always take way too much!

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