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Hatwalk 8 – September 2015

on September 2, 2015

Hi everyone

It’s the beginning of September and time to celebrate the wearing of hats with the lovely Judith Boyd of the Hat Attack blog posts.  The hat for this month is not the grey waterproof hat that I took to Scotland and the Faroe Islands, as I never wore it once.  Actually it’s on ’probation’, which is something I will be writing about soon in a post on de-cluttering your clothes, as there’s definitely a category of clothes (and hats) that you keep in your wardrobe and never wear, but can’t quite get rid of because, you know, you just might wear it!

Instead I’m featuring a beret, which I think is a shape that suits so many people.


I’ve been wearing this blue beret (I have 4 berets, all different colours) a lot recently, as our weather is so strange; it’s hot one minute with a blue sky and sun, then it’s that dull leaden grey that we often get in our English summers, but then it’s still hot, which feels weird.

Leopard-coat-3-webBut with this grey weather comes rain, in buckets. It’s the sort of weather where I begin to think what can I wear on my head? So out comes a beret – such a useful, all-weather hat.  And the blue beret (bought in a charity shop about three years ago for £3) comes with a renewed love for that colour. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve worn the little blue tartan kilt twice now – that item is definitely not staying in the back of my wardrobe. I wear it over my navy jeans, which is a great look whatever your age!

I wore the kilt and the beret a couple of days ago when visiting an amazing garden  – do have a look at the link, as it’s a typical English-size garden with an atypical eclectic mix of plants.

Anyway the blue beret plus a leopard skin mac brightened the spirits as it was a very grey day, and matched my scarf, navy jeans and boots to perfection.  And all bought from charity shops for next to nothing.

Leopard-coat-1-webThat’s all for now

Penny, the frugalfashionshopper

P.S. I state where these clothes come from to prove the point that you really don’t have to spend money to feel good about your look.

P.P.S And somebody has pointed out to me that the cushions are upside down – oops, so they are!

14 responses to “Hatwalk 8 – September 2015

  1. Margaret Nyand says:

    Hi, Penny,
    Your last several blogs have been very welcome. As the west coast of Canada has endured a long drought after a very mild winter, I look forward to some cooler weather during which I really do find I can dress and look better. There is not much choice when one can wear only the minimum over a series of months. (And this is very rare…we are after all the province with the huge rain forest of Canada…and this only goes to show what climate change has already brought about. Needless to say hundreds of forest fires have raged over the summer). One thing I could do…was to once again downsize and de-clutter my closets. And I was ruthless…when I saw 25 empty hangars in my closet…and three large bags filled to take away (I send mine to a Free Store…on a small Island where they reuse and recycle everything imaginable…with volunteers only…and it works) I finally saw and felt a difference. Thank you for your encouragement.I gave up four or five !ovely dresses, each worn only once…but well over a couple of years ago. And a couple of coats and jackets.
    But you speak of hats. Yes, I bought two hats, leaning on the photos you have shown over recent months. Practically no one wears hats in Western Canada…but I will be. I have naturally wavy hair–it is fine unless caught in a rain storm and then it does exactly as it wants. Besides, my attitudes have changed along with my age. And we truly do believe that one day, we will get rain again….
    Thank you for this recent blog…I like seeing how you put an outfit together. And thank you for sharing your trip north…that was very interesting.
    Best, Margaret

    • Hi Margaret! How interesting that it’s been so hot and dry in Canada, must possibly be because you’re in one large continent as I believe the States has also had extreme heat and drought. Here in Europe, some countries have had extreme hot weather, but here we’ve had a lot of rain and not much of a summer either. Hence the early wearing of a wool beret as it’s got quite chilly on several days.

      And well done you re: decluttering your clothes – will be writing about that soon!

  2. Judy says:

    Inspirational, Margaret! What joy to have lightened your wardrobe and helped a good cause.
    I love that outfit, Penny. You look terrific. Part of my school uniform all those years ago was a burgundy beret, so I have never looked at berets in a favourable light but might just try now! Thanks!

    • I think berets are a really good hat that suits many different shapes of head and face – maybe give it a try! But yes, I’m trying to remember what my school hat was – I think it was a much more a formed kind of hat with a brim – will try and find a pic!

  3. Caroline says:

    Thats a pretty beret, but surely too warm yet? I’m still in my sunhat -in Scotland 😉

  4. stylecrone says:

    Two of my favorites. Leopard print and blue. And I love berets too. You look spectacular in this ensemble. Thank you so much for sharing your headwear and your beauty with Hat Attack! I appreciate your ongoing participation!

    • Thank you so much for the comment, yes, the blue beret and the leopard print mac went well together! And I just love Hat Attack. I have many hats (nearly all from charity shops) and it’s really good to get them out and remind myself that, I must wear that hat more often!

  5. You certainly have an eye for style, the blue looks great with the coat. I have never been keen on wearing hats, having been forced to wear a pill-box hat as part of my school uniform. It ended up looking just like your beret!

    • HI, Maddy and thank you so much for the comment. Yes, the colours went well together. And I think I remember my school hat also had quite a ‘hat’ shape – I must find a photo of it. The thing is people in the UK wear woolly, bobble hats a lot in the winter because of the predominantly damp, cold weather so I’ve always had several of those, but now I’m going all out to wear ‘proper’ hats. It’s kind of half ‘I don’t give a damn what I look like’ and half ‘ actually there are some nice hats out there’, so why not wear them!!

  6. jglzr says:

    You look beautiful. That blue is so nice on you. And the cushions are so pretty, whichever way up they are!

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